Gettin' Crafty

My husband actually stole this concept from a co-worker, he is a huge Virginia Tech fan (please don't hold this against me), so here are our Hokies! This craft can be used for a number of different mascots (for my non VT fan readers). The kiddos had a lot of fun getting their hands messy in the paint afterwards. It took some patience, and perseverance to get a good hand print from the 2 year old and the 9 month old but we finally got it!

This craft didn't take much prep at all, we just used acrylic finger paints, and an assortment in size of canvas tiles (can get at any craft store, we got ours from Michaels). After the hand prints dried, I just went back and added the accents of the beaks, and logos.

Now I am trying to decide how to put the tiles up in my house. Should I string them together with ribbon and hang them or frame them? Any ideas?

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