Friday, October 31, 2014

Tips For Avoiding A Trick or Treat Meltdown

Okay so its Halloween and parents are getting ready to get costumes together, take pictures, and enjoy our kids and their cuteness. However, trick or treating can take a drastic turn quickly, especially with the younger kids. So after a few times of trial and error, here are a few tips that I hope will help your trick or treating be as stress free as possible.

Potty Time. If your kids are anything like mines, they will wait until they get 2 1/2 blocks from home to start doing the pee pee dance. If your child has an accident this will almost immediately shut down your trick or treat adventure. So make sure your kids make a bathroom run before they suit up, because trying to get a squirming child out of a pirate costume can get tricky.

More Rest, Less Stress. Make sure your kids are well rested and fed. If your children are grumpy it is not going to make for a very fun trick or treat experience. I remember when my now 5 year old was a toddler, I made this mistake. Running around and trying to get things together for Halloween I had forgotten to make sure he had his nap. The moment I realized he was grumpier than a man in a boat without a paddle, was when he snapped on this innocent old lady. She became a casualty of war ( I still feel bad about that, sorry little old lady wherever you are). So after that my husband and I took turns carrying him the rest of the way.

Weather the Weather. The weather does not care that you and your kids are out trick or treating in your cute little costumes, its October, and it still gets cold. I live in Georgia near the water where it is still a little warmer, but it can get chilly after dark. As much as you want your kid's costume to get all of the shine it deserves, make sure you either bring a jacket or layer under their costume if you can. Its nothing worse than waking up the day after Halloween to candy hungover kids with runny noses.

Whats Yours Is Mines. When the kids go to bed, it is time to indulge in their candy. This may sound selfish, but I mean really we walked around for miles (okay maybe blocks), just to get nothing out of the deal? Besides, they don't need any cavities, and too much candy is just simply not good for them. So really I look at it as responsible parenting. Plus this gives you something to look forward to after you get them to bed and you're tired. As you lay on the couch with that big delicious bag of candy it is the topping on the cake to a fun evening. Don't worry they'll never know, just put the bag back like nothing ever happened.

Happy and safe trick or treating everyone!

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