Thursday, October 30, 2014

What Your Kids Can Reveal About You

Kids are great, wonderful, cute, cuddly, and lovable, so can someone tell me how these little people can bring out all the bad traits I have worked so hard to hide? I love my kids to infinity and beyond, but sometimes I feel like they are trying to kill me! Why, why, why do you feel the need to lick out of the dog's water bowl, play in poop, eat crayons, or dump the pee out of your potty? I should add that on any given week, these events could occur all in one day.

However, I know that I am supposed to be the adult, and handle these situations with patience, and kind, encouraging words, but you know what I have discovered, is that I fall short. I know that is sad to admit, but I am a work in progress. When I am trying to cook dinner, while the baby is crying (Side note: I have four boys ages 7, 5, 2, and 9 months, just to paint a vivid picture for you) and my 5 year old is asking me how to spell the same word for the umpteenth time, and that is when my 2 year old decides that he wants to dump out his potty on the carpet; my kind and patient tank is on empty. (Side note: I did not know that umpteenth was really a word).

What I have figured out so far, in this ongoing navigation of the high seas is that I am not perfect. I am okay with that. It is impossible for me to give everyone 100% at all times, I would be a complete wreck (I probably already am since it took me awhile to figure this out). So as moms we have to cut ourselves a little slack; we don't get it right every time. There are going to be times when we have our own mini temper tantrums, but its okay. Just pick yourself up off the floor, and keep it moving. Its okay to scream into the air in frustration sometimes, because guess what we are human. Just remember after you get yourself together, grab your kids give them a hug, and tell them that you love them. Most of the time our kids don't even see our flaws, they think we are the best thing since Mama Rosa's mini pizzas (Side note: those pizzas are goooood!). So if our kids can cut us some slack, let's cut ourselves a little.

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