Monday, November 24, 2014

"Excuse Me, You're Blocking My Son's Spotlight"

Okay, so I hate to admit it but I'm that mom, that pushes into the front to get a good shot of my baby at the PTA program. Or that mom that yells out her child's name as he enters the stage, or gives that annoying "whoowhoo!" at the end of his performance. Yep, that's me. What can I say I love my kids, and I'm a proud mama.

Today, my son had a performance at the Savannah's Children Theater (great little place to stop if you're in the Savannah, GA area), and I was there as usual front and center (well usually I have to make my way from the back cause I'm always late but you get the point). So, the first group went up, and they were cute and adorable, but I was thinking, "okay hurry up, I'm ready to see my baby". Then I see my son get up and make his way to the stage with his classmates. This is the sign to go ahead and cue up the phone, to get that perfect shot. Just when I had my cell camera set on his cute little face just perfect, somebody stands in the way...what I wanted to do was yell out, "hey, get the heck out of my son's spotlight!" but I didn't, I do have some manners thank you very much.

  • Have you ever bum-rushed the stage just to get the perfect shot of your kid at his PTA performance? 
  • Have you ever cropped any of your child's classmates out of his/her pictures? 
  • Does everybody at the performance know who your child is by the end?
  • Do people stare at you because you're cheering absolutely too loud, for only your kid? 
  • Have you ever made the whole family wear a team "insert your child's name here" shirt to your child's event?

I finally got my clear shot again, and snapped away, followed by the video of him singing off key and moving in a not so rhythmic manner like the rest of his compadres. Time to go right? Nope, three more groups to go, and while they were equally as entertaining and adorable, I had got what I came for. However, since it's just plain rude to get up and walk out on little kids, I sat through the rest of the performance. I fought the urge to run out like the place was on fire, or have my son fake an asthma attack (and he doesn't even have asthma) so we could make a break for it.

Yes, all kids are special and wonderful, but nobody is as special as your own pride and joy, especially under that spotlight! By the way if you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, you just might be a "You're Blocking My Child's Spotlight" kind of mom, don't worry, you're in good company.

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