Monday, November 3, 2014

"Live and Let Die!!"

Well, we have all heard of the saying that "kids say the darndest things" and if you have children you know that this is absolutely true. However, my oldest child took me by surprise. Now let me give you the rundown here, my oldest is 7, he is the obedient (most of the time), good in school, eager to please one out of the four. Next to the oldest is my 5 year old, he is the comedian, and abstract thinker. Then followed by my 2 year old that will probably lead an uprising in pre-k because he is the rebel. The 9 month old we haven't quite figured out yet, but since his teacher is the 2 year old, we're going to assume rebel as well. Not that my other kids are any less talented than my 7 year old but this is to say that I did not expect this from my oldest.

So we are sitting in the kitchen at the table, and we have a dry erase calendar on our fridge (the only  way I can stay somewhat organized), so I had marked the anniversary of my grandfather's passing. My five year old (the second oldest) asked me what it meant, and how did he die. I told him that he died of old age. Then my oldest breaks out in tune..."Live and Let Die!!!" (the rendition from the Shrek movie). It caught me so off guard, so I asked him why would you say that? His response was,"well the frog king in Shrek died of old age too". I could do nothing else but laugh. The sad moment I had of thinking about my Granddad was turned into complete happiness by my son and his innocence. Kids say and do the darndest things. Some things that make you scream and want to pull your hair out, but some things that warm your heart and soul.

R.I.P Granddad, I love and miss you.

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